As we transition to re-opening our facility, our Group Exercise Schedule will be altered to accommodate for safe social distancing and a healthy environment. 

Group Ex Class Schedule Notice

Group Ex Class Description


Sequences where moving in and out of poses is linked to breath. This class is also great for reducing stress and bringing balance into your life. Overall, it’s a great way to connect your mind, body and spirit.


Step & Sculpt

This class is an energizing workout using an adjustable step for overall conditioning and toning.


Silver Sneakers

If you have a Silver Sneakers membership, this class is just for you! Come get a full body workout while incorporating movements to help with overall body stability and cardiovascular endurance.



A total workout involving hip-hop music while combining all elements of fitness- cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and boosted energy.


Total Toning

High intense workout involving weights while burning calories with limited breaks!



Come try our class that kicks and punches the calories off in no time!



Get in the zone and cycle away the calories. Pedal your way to great health! Combining energizing music with unique workouts, this exercise class delivers a great fitness workout with powerful results.


Kettle Bell Kicks 

Utilizing the Kettle Bell, this class combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training to help tone your muscles and increase stability. 

Cardio Dance

In this up-beat and hi-tempo class, dance away the calories by moving and grooving to a fun playlist. Get ready to sweat, because this 1-hour of non-stop Cardio Dance has the potential to burn up to 700 calories in one session!


Instructors: Janet & Cindy Duck

Looking for something to help relax and decompress the stress that can wear on you during the week? This is the class for you! Take some time to align your mind, body, and spirit in our Yoga classes. You're sure to feel the difference after a couple of sessions with us.


Instructor: Mis Suggs

You like your classes exciting and fun with lots of movement don't you? Well this class was designed with YOU in mind. Fitness Instructor Mia Suggs is sure to get you moving in her energetic and fast-paced session. 

Total Toning

Instructor: Jarrin Lewis

Looking for a class with that extra push or challenge? Total Toning combines aerobic and body-weight circuits to trim you into shape! In this class, Fitness Instructor Jarrin Lewis facilitates a high-energy, fast-paced workout like you've never seen! But don't let it scare you away, our classes are "go at your own pace" 

Silver Sneakers

Instructor: Gail Blake 

A class designed to cater to our Active Older Adults who still seek to remain fit and active. In our Silver Sneakers Classes, Instructor Gail Blake makes sure to give you exercises that assist with mobility and stretching. This class is perfect for those looking to get back into working out, but need a slower pace.


Instructor: Napoleon Cleveland

Quick on your feet and swift with your hands? Kickboxing with Napoleon is a class that utilizes Kickboxing style exercises to tone and stabilize your body. With this full body workout, your sure to walk away feeling like a champ!


Instructor: Mia Suggs

Cycle! Cycle! Cycle! Join Fitness Instructor Mia Suggs as she takes you on a fitness journey. In this cycling class, Mia combines the cardio factor from the bike with aerobic exercises throughout to keep you moving and burning those calories! 

Step & Sculpt 

Instructor: Wendy Yeager

Looking to keep those joints healthy and mobile? This class is designed to utilize aerobic stepping motions to sculpt that body into shape!

Dance Cardio

Instructor: Candace Johnson & Tabitha Hearon

1 hour non-stop music in this dance cardio class. All fitness levels, as the moves can be adjusted from Beginner to Advanced. Fun way to be active, dance away the stress from your day and, depending on your effort, burn up to 700 calories in that hour.


Instructor: Shelly Patterson

Dance, music, and fun all rolled into one! Zumba is sure to help you get back into shape with the combination of hip-hop style dance and a full body cardio and aerobic exercises. 

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